New Canaan Property Management provides complete care for your family’s home. Our personalized, unsurpassed service will help you maintain your house and keep your investment in top shape. Each home is unique and we will tailor our services to meet your individual needs, using our walkthroughs to take care of the small things, and plan for larger projects. Our team will coordinate, schedule and manage your service providers, or work within our extensive network of professionals.

  • Do you know you've done everything your home needs to be ready for winter?

    Let us help - we'll make a personalized plan for your residence, checking off things like draining your irrigation, putting away outdoor furniture, clearing gutters to avoid ice dams, setting up snow plowing services, and more.

    We'll worry about it, so you don't have to.
  • Do you have time to wait for repair people? Do you know when filters and other consumables need to be replaced in your home?

    Filters, bulbs, and occasional repairs are a fact of life for every homeowner. We work with a large network of skilled professionals that we have checked out personally, to take care of anything that might come up. We will not only make the appointment for you, but we will also wait for the worker to arrive, let them in, and stay to oversee the repair.

    Your time is precious - let us free you to do more of what matters.